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The Alba Regia Chapel and Memorial Park offer a symbolic and scenic location for the Hungarian-American community and for all freedom fighters.


Nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, the chapel and memorial park offer a charming location for your wedding. The chapel's hand-crafted stained glass windows, Hungarian symbols and decorations, as well as the park's authentic Transylvanian wooden tower, create a romantic location for your wedding vows. 


The chapel and memorial park can host many different events to serve the Hungarian-American community and the larger community of Berkeley Springs. The Hungarian Scouts of Washington, DC use the grounds and facilities for their activities.


The cemetery grounds and chapel crypt are a peaceful resting place for our loved ones. Burial services are conducted by Anderson and Hunt Funeral Services in Berkeley Springs.  The chapel is an ideal setting for memorial services to honor and eulogize your loved ones.


With the current repairs to the Chapel underway, we are unable to host visitors or provide burial services as this time. We anticipate that, with support of the Hungarian-American community, we will be able to finish repair work and reinstate services and visits.

We kindly request a brief life history and accomplishments of loved ones be furnished to us in duplicate, for purposes of our filing records. We are also building out our In Memoriam pages on the website. 

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